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PVC Tarpaulin China Knife Coated PVC Fabric Manufacturer Since 2003

Jiaxing Juming Advance Cover Co., Ltd. based in China has been specializing in PVC Knife Coated Tarpaulin for many years. Our products are exported to America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia, customers are satisfied with our qualit products and good service. As an experienced and passionate team, we aim to be the leading supplier in PVC fabric materials



We can provide a lot of services, but the main ones are..

Pvc Coated Fabric

PVC Coated Fabric

PVC coated fabric often has high durability and is suitable for various harsh environments, usually lasting more than ten years.

Lumber Tarps

Lumber Tarps

Lumber Tarp, steel tarp or custom tarp are all made with similar components. They are made to cover cargo and protect it from the elements, like rain, snow, and wind.

Mesh Tarps

Mesh Tarps

Our mesh tarps are designed to withstand even the most severe applications. They’re all made from high quality vinyl coated mesh material, so you can trust that they’ll be able to withstand whatever.

Heavy Duty Tarps

Heavy Duty Tarps

Heavy Duty Tarps are used in many ways to protect people and things from wind, rain, and sunlight. It’s excellent material makes it more durable than any other tarps.

Clear tarps

Clear tarps

Clear Vinyl Tarps premium quality waterproof fabric is resistant to UV rays, chemicals, grease, and mildew. The clear tarps perform exceptionally well in extreme weather from very hot to bone chilling temperature

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Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Customer Centric Service

Our sales manager has 10+year experience in this field. We have comprehensive knowledge and resources both in production and international business. All your requirements and problems will be handled professionally.

Joint R&D

Our research and development section is open to our clients. We are willing to share new technology and work with our clients together to upgrade their products and develop new ones together.

Superior Quality Control

We focus on durable products and long term business relationship with clients. Stable quality is the first consideration. We have fabric testing lab and quality traceability system to eusure everthing is under control.



Our factory is located in Haining, 60km from Hangzhou,120km from Shanghai, perfect location.



Advanced equipments from Germany and hired technical team from France.



Chemical and physical characteristics testing and analysation equipments and engineers.



Well managed factory warehouse, ensure your goods in perfect condition before shipping.

About TarpsChina

Jiaxing Juming Advance Cover Co., Ltd. Is a Chinese PVC tarp and PVC tarpaulin manufacturer that has customized medium and large industrial fabric products for many years. As a supplier of PVC vinyl fabrics for more than 20 years, a one-stop service has been developed now to cover the final products. The company has invested 2 million RMB to purchase and improve various welding and sewing equipment, combined with scientific and efficient production steps, to provide customers with high-quality PVC tarpaulin solutions in construction, trucks, cargo freight, industry, outdoor and other fields.

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